Atelier 1st Year: Spring term


Disclaimer:  Admission is generally dependent on your previous contact with me.  Current students are welcome to register.


April 11 - June 13: (10-week Term)    

Tuition includes any fees.

Program Overview:

The Atelier program is an innovative, individualized curriculum modeled after the 19th-century European Academy's technical traditions. Drawing upon its Renaissance roots, the course instruction emphasizes the traditions of portraiture, landscape and still-life genres. Consistent attendance is recommended as supportive lectures or discussion will take place most days.


Course Description:

This course, Atelier I, serves as the foundation for further development in both drawing and painting in the Atelier sequence. Study will include various masterworks along with the program’s collection of antique casts, and from life. Exercises from 'fixed' 2D and 3D work will precede rendering from forms and situations of greater complexity (nature). Progress is guided by a combination of lectures, demonstrations and peer and instructor feedback. Completion of Atelier I is required for entrance to the Atelier II.

2022 Spring ATELIER 1st Year

  • During the first three weeks of study, if a student determines that they cannot for any reason continue with the class, a pro-rated percentage will be refunded.