Atelier 2nd Year: Spring term

April 12 - June 16    (10-week Term)

Tuesdays: 5:30-8:30pm

Thursdays: 4-6pm


Tuition: $630+ Fees $15
Atelier 2nd Year builds on the student's core technical proficiencies in drawing accuracy, but pushes further into painted forms, paint handling and primary handling techniques. Participants develop working methods that allow them to bridge drawing knowledge with design in the medium of oil paint. Projects range from masterwork emulation, the development of original compositions in paint and exercises that will aid the student in making sylistic decisions. Safer studio practices will be discussed and encouraged.

2022 Spring ATELIER 2nd Year

  • During the first three weeks of study, if a student determines that they cannot for any reason continue with the class, a pro-rated percentage will be refunded.