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Aug 11 (Fri) 1-4pm & Aug 18, 19 (Fri & Sat) 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

This is a three-day workshop.  We will be working both indoor and outdoor.  Some travel to nearby painting destinations required. Ride sharing will be discussed on the first day.


The aim of this workshop is to help students understand the process of translating a real-life scene into a plein air painting--as quickly as possible.  We will discuss the process for utilizing these smaller paintings to create larger studio works later.  The plein air painter’s techniques and strategies aren't always the most obvious when starting.  We will discuss and practice simplifying the complexity of nature through a step-by-step process in oil paint.  We will meet at the Academy site on the first day to cover strategy and application basics and to share travel locations, recommended routes at that time.  The following two classes will take place outside.

Summer Plein Air Workshop

  • After the first day of class, due to the nature of the condensed study in workshops, cancellation with pro-rate refunds will be considered but not guaranteed.  

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