Still-Life and Floral in Alla Prima
Summer Workshop


Sept 1- Sept 2, 10am - noon & 1pm - 4pm


In this class we will cover the importance of a good still-life setup: what to look for and what to avoid: Arrangement and lighting for simplifying to create a more enjoyable experience.

We will also be addressing palette and paint mixes to help create natural harmony in color. The technical focus of the workshop is painting in Alla Prima--the wet-in-wet method.

Demonstrations will be given in application and specific problem areas. --How to keep your colors clean to create fresh looking flowers. --Starting the painting and making sure the value-structure will work even from the beginning.

Be sure to download the attachment for the recommended palette.

Plese bring several small to medium sized painting panels --preferrably oil primed linen 

(6x8 - 11x14 max) along with your other standard painting supplies.


*Floral arrangements will be supplied for students to paint from during the workshop.


Summer Workshop: Floral Still Life

  • During the first three weeks of study, if a student determines that they cannot for any reason continue with the class, a pro-rated percentage will be refunded.