Photoshop for Oil Painters: Improving Photos for Use in Painting & Drawing

Jul 14 - Jul 15; W/Th 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm


In this 2-day intensive, we will learn how to simplify and improve photographs digitally to help you do four things:

1.  Simplify the process of painting from photo references,
2.  Speed up the process of working from photos,
3.  Improve the quality of your work by bringing more visually true-to-life qualities to your reference materials,

4. Make the process more enjoyable.


During this class we will cover the primary pitfalls of photos--how they can work against us if we use them as-shot, without adjustments.  We will learn simple methods for correcting still-life, landscape and portrait photos in preparation for painting and drawing.  
Basic techniques in Photoshop and apps available to iphone and adroid devices will be covered.
You do not need an Adobe subscription to gain from this class.  Free or nearly free software is available and I'm happy to recommend apps to you upon registration.  This is not intended as a generic Photoshop class --to master photoshop, but is a class oriented for how Oil Painters can use digital tools to improve their work in paint or drawings.
Simply email me the device(s) you plan to use, and I will reply with suggestions and can even help with installation. * 

*Please show up an hour early on the first day for help installing apps or software.

Summer Workshop: Photoshop for Oil Painters-- Improving Photos for Painting

  • Due to the nature of condensed study in workshops, cancellation with pro-rate refunds will be considered but not guaranteed.