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Drawing Technique

Instructor: Jerry Sumpter


April 8 -- June 10: (10-week Term)

Monday evenings: 5:30-8:30pm


Tuition includes any fees.

Curricular Overview:

Modeled after the 19th-century European Academy's technical traditions, the curriculum of Sumpter Academy of Art is developmental and individualized. Drawing upon its Renaissance roots, course instruction emphasizes the traditions of portraiture, landscape and still-life genres. Consistent attendance is highly recommended as technical development requires active discourse between practice and critical feedback.


Course Description:

Development in this course is guided and self-paced, with the aim of assisting participants learn and refine core drawing skills. Techniques of esthetic expression and drawing as a basis for further development in painting. Study will focus on a variety of masterwork drawings, the academy's collection of antique casts, and life drawing. Exercises from 'fixed' 2D and 3D work will precede the rendering of forms and situations of greater complexity (nature).

Drawing Technique -- Spring

  • During the first three weeks of study, if a student determines that they cannot for any reason continue with the class, a pro-rated percentage will be refunded.  

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