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Workshop: An Optional Primer to the Atelier Program

Principles of Oil Painting


Instructor: Robert Duden

April 13 - June 15: (10-week Term)


Tuition includes any fees.

Curricular Overview:


This 10-week term is designed for beginners and those with minimal painting experience. Students will learn the basics of handling oil paints and brushes and explore techniques from a classical, indirect approach; glazing, scumbling, grisaille, chiaroscuro, and others. We will cover the fundamentals of composition, tone, and blending by studying from old Masters. Group and one-on-one discussions will touch upon concepts crucial to a successful painting, including critical thinking, discipline, how to properly convey light, shadow, dimension, design, and others. Technical demonstrations and short exercises will complement our studio work. The goal of this course is to give students the basic tools and knowledge to begin their own work and ease into the Atelier Program equipped with fundamental skills and familiarity.

Course Objectives

- To become familiar with the basic methods, techniques, & tools of painting

- To take part in a community of artists

- To enjoy the challenging and nuanced process of painting.

Course Structure

We will be painting (and drawing) the majority of the time but there will also be side lectures, demos, class discussions, and critiques. At the start of every class,we will have a warmup before the main project as well as a critique/progress check-in at the end of every class before clean up.

Primer to the Atelier Program -- Spring

  • During the first three weeks of study, if a student determines that they cannot for any reason continue with the class, a pro-rated percentage will be refunded.  

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